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With our experience in property tax protests, our clients rely on us with confidence to continually handle their property tax needs.  We pride ourselves in our high success rate for a property tax reduction and customer service.

Wade Carlson is a Senior Property Tax Consultant registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration with over 29 years of experience.














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We specialize in represent property owners and managers in lowering property taxes, by developing a strategic market & equity analysis and presenting evidence to reduce your property tax burden. Let's us help reduce your property tax.

We protest property taxes with the appraisal district for residential, commercial, business personal property, exemption denials, and agricultural land qualification.










​​Since 1995 providing proven methods and results that will help you succeed in reducing your property taxes.

Reduce High Property Taxes





Our mission at Carlson Property Tax is to help relieve the burden of property taxes for our clients.  We provide turn-key solutions for commercial, residential, and business-personal property needs ( in addition to agricultural-use land qualifications. ) Our personalized service and knowledge of the Texas Property Tax Code helps us successfully provide solutions for our North Texas market  in Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding counties. 

Let us design a strategy specifically tailored to meet your needs.  Our straight forward approach to establishing a reduction includes the use of Fair Market Value and Equity of similiar type properties in your area.   For further resources or to learn more
email us at  Together let's lower property tax.

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Wade C. Carlson

Senior Property Tax Consultant Principal & Founder

Commercial Property Tax Protests



The commercial real estate market is up and so are sale prices.  Many commercial properties will be reappraised or revalued for tax year 2024.  Once you receive your notice of appraised value letter by mail, call us to discuss our strategy to assist in reducing your property tax liability.


Our current property tax protest deadline has been repealed. The new protest deadline for real property is now May 15th or 30 days after the notice of appraised value is delivered. This is two weeks earlier than the past.

Watch for A "Notice of Appraised Value" from the appraisal district in Your Mail Box April 15th of each year.


What You Can Do Now:


Mark Your Calendar: April 15th look for a “Notice of Appraised Value Letter” in your mail notifying you, the owner of the new proposed market value they estimate your property should be.  You have 30 days from receipt of the letter to file a written protest with the appraisal district.  There are two different way to protest value:  Market Value & Equity of similar type properties.

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