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Representation for Residential Property

Carlson Property Tax bases their fee on a one-time, flat fee, for the current tax year for Residential properties  (based upon your current property value.) See chart to the right.  

Residential properties are represented on a flat fee basis for the current tax year. Our fees are significantly lower than most other firms.​

All tax savings achieved from a reduction in value is passed directly to the homeowner with no percentage of tax savings.

Successful Property Tax Protest






​Our pricing for Residential Property is 3 tiered based up your property value. 


All fees are calculated on a one time basis and there are no hidden fees.   

Pricing structure is as follows:

​​Market Value of  $200,000 or below: 

Market Value of $200,001 to $1,500,000:  

Market Value of $1,500,001 & above:





To open forms, click on link below. 









Commercial Property Tax 

We work on a percentage of tax savings for the current tax year.  No reduction equals no fee.

Please contact us for competitive fee pricing based upon your property type and specific situation and include your county and property of the address(s) you are protesting.









































Residential Pricing















Commercial Fees


Commercial Property Fees are calculated based on a % of tax savings for the current year.   Please contact our office for more information or request for information.  





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